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TULE TREE Oaxaca, Mexico

Treaty Oak, Austin, Texas

Douglas Fir, Seattle, Washington

Ancient Oak, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Moon Tree, Atchison, Kansas

Old Oak, Friendswood, Texas

35,000,000 Year Old Tree Fossil/Tasmania, Australia

What is the oldest living tree today? Please Add to the Dialogue
Huon Pine, 20,000 years old/Tasmania, Australia
Bristlecone Pines

Earth Island Journal

Hanging Tree, Lillooet B C & Giants at
Burrard Inlet, English Bay/False Creek, Vancouver, British Columbia

Hartwick Pines, Oldest Trees in Michigan
The Pagryniu Oak, Silute, Lithuania

Wye Oak, Maryland

Oldest Trees in Alaska?

Clayquot Sound, Vancouver, Canada

False Cypress Convent Station, New Jersey

Tulip Poplar Saline County, Arkansas
Niagra Falls Trees Niagra Falls, New York

Information needed on African Hibiscus

Oxford Forestry Institute England

Taxodium mucronatum New Mexico, USA

Mythological Giant Trees Japan

Jomon Sugi Japan

MacArthur Pine Wisconsin

Jerome Hutin-Koechlin Photographer of World's Oldest Trees

What do you think about Christo's Wrapped Trees?

Heritage Forests
Banyan Tree, Lahaina, Hawaii

Vetralla Tree Wedding Viterbo, Italy
History of Erlandson's Tree Circus
Alamo Oak, Texas, USA
Trees from China and Tibet, my photo suite in progress

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