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Here we can put tree images that have appeared throughout art history, but beware, because of copyright issues, scanned images have to be from books that are over 50 years old, or we can link to other Web images, or cite sources where interesting tree images that have been done in the past exist in print.

Some of my favorite tree artists in the Tree Museum are: Thomas Cole, Piet Mondrian, Magdalena Abakanowicz, and Andy Goldsworthy
Please send in yours!

New! Tribute Tree
A Tree Museum Art Project by Erin Ruepp

Open Archive

The purpose of the Open Archive in the Tree Museum is to collect images and text about the world's oldest trees from either Web or print sources. If you find any interesting material, please send it to my e-mail address below. Then I will put it in the Web Sources or Print Sources Section and give you credit for your contribution.

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