ate: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 00:11:18 -0500 (CDT)
From: James Paul Mayer 
To: jj68@NYU.EDU
Subject: Trees

Greetings from Friendswood, Texas!
        My name is J P Mayer.  I teach German at Friendswood Jr. High,
located just oustide of Houston. I read about your tree project on St.
Olaf's project page.
        What a wonderful idea!  I hope your project turns out
beautifully!  I think it will, in fact!
        Anyway, we have an excellent tree candidate for your project.  It is
located in the courtyard between our academic buildings.  It is a very
old, special tree, and I stop students often just to talk to them about
this tree and make them notice it.  So when I read about your tree
project, I stopped everything to write you this message.
        Let me give you some history.  Friendswood just celebrated its
centennial last year.  We are a Quaker-founded community.   At one time,
there was a one-room school house where our jr. high is now, right next
to The Tree.  The Tree itself is about 200 years old.  I make the
students realize that everyone who has ever gone through Friendswood
schools has seen The Tree, and The Tree has seen them.  Even the people
that are now planted out in the Friendswood Chruch cemetery have seen The
        The Tree itself is a huge, beautiful oak tree.  The trunk is
round and straight.  The canopy is wide and symetrical; it looks like an
umbrella!  There are no bald spots, and no big main branches.  It spreads
out very evenly, and looks great from all angles!  If someone says to me,
"Tree," my first thought is of The Tree in the courtyard of Friendswood
Jr. High School.  It is as close to an ideal tree as there is.
        OK, enough about that.  Can you tell I love this tree?  :)  I am
going to give you the e-mail address of the art teacher at our school.
Her name is Theresa Goodwin, and I am sure that she would love to
participate in your project.  She could get the kids to draw/paint
pictures of The Tree, or anything that you need.  Write to:

Our school phone number is (713) 482-7818.

Good luck!  I hope to hear from you soon!

                                        J P Mayer

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