Jomon sugi

Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 13:57:23 +0900 (JST)

We have some local groups of people who are interested in
preservation of big and old trees in Japan.
To my knowledge, one of the most famous trees in terms of
age in Japan is the one called "Jomon sugi" or "Daio sugi",
which has grown in Yaku-shima Island located south from Kyushu
of Japan. Jomon is an archaeological period between 120,000 BC and
2000BC or so. In this case, however, Jomon simply means oldness.
Daio means a great king or an emperor. And sugi means cedar, but
I have no knowledge of botanical definition of this cedar.
Its height is 40m, circumference of trunk11.3m and the age 3000 years.
In its vicinity, there remains a stump of which age is said to be oldest
by the islanders. They say the tree was cut in 1586 to be used for
construction of a big temple in Kyoto. The age of the tree when cut down
is estimated to be 3000 years.

T. Moto

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