Project Instructions
for Students In Grades K-12
and their Art Teachers

"A World Community of Old Trees" is an Ecology Art Project on the World Wide Web.

If you want to join kids all over the world in finding the oldest, largest or most extraordinary trees in their neighborhoods,
Here's what you have to do:

  • Locate the oldest, largest, or most noteworthy tree in your neighborhood
    (The National Register of Big Trees is published in "American Forests" Magazine and The Big Tree List is on the American Forests Web site.)
  • Identify your tree with its common name and Latin one, too
  • Measure your tree 54 inches from the ground
  • Write a paragraph or two describing your tree, any history you can find, and how you feel standing next to it
  • Be sure to tell us the exact location, measurement, and approximate age
  • Make some art work about the tree in any medium ( photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, computer graphics & multimedia, etc.)
  • Scan your art and save it as a .jpg or .gif file (not to exceed 100 K)
  • Then, e-mail your material to me as an attachment with your favorite mail program
  • Remember to identify your art work with your name, title, the medium and size, and the name of your school
    When I receive your files, I'll put them up in our Tree Gallery for the world to see!
  • Please send me e-mail. Ask me lots of questions!

    Have Fun! I can't wait to see your trees!

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