Jerome Hutin-Koechlin

Photographer of Planet's Oldest Trees Begins World Tour

Photographe Explorateur

September 28, 1998

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Earth's Oldest Trees to be on Life Size Public Display in 2000

French photographer and explorer, Jerome Hutin, has begun a world tour to photograph the world's 100 oldest trees. The purpose of this ambitious project is to bring attention to saving the trees of the planet. Mr. Hutin expresses concern that humans have ravaged our resources for personal gain. He further encourages us to preserve our precious resources, especially trees, for the children of the world. As a way "to preserve the few ancient trees and forests" that remain and to bring his message to the world, he will display “life size photographic spectacles spotlighting the oldest trees of the earth.” This event will take place in the year 2000. How will this be accomplished? He plans to set up three dimensional laser shows on public buildings. The images will be projected onto giant inflatable screens; laser light shows by night, photographic canvasses by day. Sponsors can underwrite the cost of a canvas. The oldest tree is the Hunon Pine of Tasmania which is reported to be 20,000 years old. The canvas will be more than 120 ft. tall and over 90 ft.long. The largest canvas will project the Banyan tree of Calcutta. It will measure over 75 ft. high and 345 ft. long. The highest canvas will project the Sequoia of California over 400 feet high.You can imagine it on the Empire State Building, or the Rockeffeller Center tower. Potential exhibit sites include Los Angeles,New York,Vancouver, Montreal, Tokyo,Sydney,Paris and Hong Kong. In addition, Hutin's project includes planting a tree in the name of every child born throughout the world in the year 2000. He has partnered with Elm Research Institute (ERI)of Westmoreland, N.H. The nonprofit organization will work with worldwide sponsors to provide disease-resistant American Liberty elms as one species being planted. The American Liberty elm is a product of research funded by ERI. The new purebred elm, not to be confused with hybrids, retains the classic American elm's vase shape and is tolerant of drought and urban pollution. It is the only American elm that comes with a ten warranty against Dutch elm disease. Nearly a quarter of a million American Liberty elms have been planted in over 750 communities, most by volunteers. Mr. Hutin is touring America to photograph ancient trees and locate sponsors for this international effort. His sponsors include FUJIFILM, IUCN-the World Conservation Union, GEFCOTOUR, SOPPEC, Pro-Natura International, ELF Aquitaine and Jean Claude Lattes editions, who will publish the book. If you or your company would like to sponsor a canvas, provide assistance in the form of financial support or in kind donations please contact Mr.Hutin by e-mail: To leave a message for him or make a pledge for a tree donation call Elm Research Institute (603)358-6199 or write 1 Elm Street, Westmoreland, NH 03467-9985.

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