Huon Pine, Tasmania

Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 17:06:43 +1000
From: Global Learning 
To: June  Julian 
Subject: Re: Old Tree Project on Web

Hello june

Nice to hear from you. We have one particular tree down here I'm sure you
would be interested in. It's just been found and it is at least 20,000
years old- and still alive! it's a Huon Pine- indigenous to Tasmania- where
we live- and the tree actually keeps regenerating so that it looks like a
small forest but is actually one organism. Has people from all over the
world fascinated of course- and it has been fenced off so no-one can get
anywhere near it thank goodness. It is actually on a mining lease here - so
thank goodness the owners of the lease demonstrated a conscience with this!
I think I may be able to get photos- I'm not sure- but would have to mail
or fax them to you-so can you send an address and I'll see what I can do.

Most of the rest of our trees are around 3-400 years old- that's the
maximum age for most as the pines and gums down here are not known for
their longevity.   I'll have a talk to Parks and Wildlife for you when I
get a chance. They may have something we can send.

Best of luck. What a wonderful way of preserving these old beauties- to
immortalize them in cyberspace!

Kind regards

Julie Boyd

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June Julian