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Dear June:
I found you while browsing the internet, through the seven wonders page.
Recently I traveled to New Orleans and visited the plantation called Oak Alley,
located near New Orleans on the Mississippi River.  I have several photographs,
which I will be able to scan and email to you using Eudora, once my system is
set up for this. Hopefully it will be soon.

Now I'd like to email a few tree tidbits. Things to think about when you are putting
together your tree museum. 

Just the other day in Austin, on talk radio, there was a discussion of the trees
in the Austin parks and also our local Treaty Oak. Sadly, several years ago someone
poisoned our wonderful centuries-old oak, located near downtown Austin.
Now the Parks department will probably have to sut down what remains of the tree. 
Fortunately they had the foresight to plant another live oak, and will keep the
small area for a park, in memory of the treaty Oak.
Our city is plagued with Oak Wilt disease, and much money has been spent studying it,
while the trees continue to die. Also in the discussion the tree person, of Caldwell 
Trees here in town, mentioned of a place, maybe a church? (can't remember where it was,
 but it was somewhere in Europe)  that had gotten new beams made of the trees that had 
been planted specifically for that purpose, 300 years before... talk about long-term 
planning... really amazing.

Yers ago in the mid-70s, when The University of Texas at Austin was tearing down 
VERY old oaks on campus to expand the football stadium, students climbed into the
branches, refusing to come down, since they wished to save the trees. They made
their stance, and the UT cops were called in to take them out of the trees. the trees
were removed, and the stadium was expanded. A few years later, I was working at UT
and noticed workmen taking out several old oaks, to widen a sidewalk. NO ONE noticed.
NO ONE tried to save the trees. UT planted new trees in holes in the sidewalk...

one other little tidbit: In 1975, I took a piece of a cottonwood tree taken out by
 construction on UT campus, and made a lamp out of it. It is with me to this day, 
a reminder of the days when people cared more about saving the trees. 
Thanks for being interested in this worthy cause.

A tree-hugger. Nicki Turman

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