Tulip Poplar

Saline County, Arkansas

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 96 15:46:53 -0800
From: "William L. Howard" 
To: jj68@NYU.EDU
Subject: tree stories

I am looking for stories about trees.  I just wrote an article on the
American Chestnut.  I would like some stories about trees in history,
something along the line of Johnny Appleseed, etc.

We have a tree here in Saline Co. that was carried to this location
in the coat pocket of a pioneer looking for a new home.  The tree is a
Tulip poplar. It is now some 105' tall with a limb span of 90' and a dbh of 6.8'  This tree came from Tennesse, and is said to be approx. 140 to 150 yrs. old.  It is the State Champion Tulip Poplar.

Any stories like this you might have I would much like to read.

Thank you for your time.

Saline County Ranger
Arkansas Forestry Commission

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