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A World Community of Old Trees is an Ecology Art Project on the World Wide Web

Artists everywhere are invited to send original art work to the Tree Gallery

Click Here for special instructions for art students in grades K-12


1. Locate the oldest, largest, or most noteworthy tree in your immediate environment or in your travels. Several good resources for this are The National Register of Big Trees, your local state registry of big trees, (both published by American Forests), or many other resources that are commonly available such as Sacred Trees,a Sierra Club book which describes many existing extraordinary trees throughout the world.

2. Document your tree with any medium you like: photography, drawing, painting, or computer graphics & multimedia, etc.

3. Identify the tree with its common and Latin name and provide some descriptive text about the tree, giving your personal reaction, the exact location, approximate age, and any local history you can gather, and the tree's circumference, 54" from the ground.
Please remember to label your artwork with title, medium, and size.
You can look in the Table of Contents for examples

4. Scan your flat art and save it as a .gif or .jpg file (not to exceed 100 K). Then, e-mail your materials to me as an attachment with your favorite mail program.

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